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(last updated November 17, 2013)

List of American Tutors

J.E. Agnew's 20th Century Method

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The Banjoist's Budget

J. E. Brewster's Banjoist   MIDI files Zipped

Daniel's Banjo Magazine-30 Songs

Dobson's Universal Banjo Instructor

Dallas Universal Banjoist No. 2

Dallas Universal Banjoist No. 12

Ellis' Banjo Album No. 5

Ellis' Banjo Album No. 6

Ellis' Thorough School For The Five-Stringed Banjo

Ellis' Thorough School For The Six or Seven-Stringed Banjo

Francis and Day Comic Album No. 7

The Howard Instructor for Banjo

Jacob's Banjo Collection Vol. 3

Jacob's Banjo Collection Vol. 9

Jacob's Banjo Collection Vol. 10

G. L. Lansing's Banjo Songs, A Fine Collection

Salvatore Leonardi's Method for Zither Banjo (French)

Joe Morley's Banjo Tutor-Exercises

Joe Morley's Banjo Tutor-13 Solos

Wm. C. Stahl's International Banjo Method   MIDI files Zipped

S. S. Stewart's Banjo and Guitar Music Album

Salvation Army Banjo Band

Turner's Banjo Journal No. 8

Turner's Banjo Journal No. 10

Turner's Banjo Journal No. 13

Turner's Banjo Journal No. 14

Turner's Banjo Journal No. 17

Turner's Banjo Journal No. 19

Turner's Banjo Journal No. 20

Turner's Banjo Monthly No. 129

Turner's Banjo Monthly No. 135

Turner's Banjo Song Book No. 6

Turner's Banjo Song Book No. 8

banjo and guitar duet

Turner's Album of Dances No. 15

Turner's Dance Album No. 2

Turner's Dance Album No. 5

Turner's Dance Album No. 8

Turner's March Album No. 2

Turner's March Album No. 5

Turner's March Album No. 7

Turner's March Album No. 10

Turner's March Album No. 11

Turner's March Album No. 13

Turner's March Album No. 14

Notes on Trick Solo Playing on the Banjo

Turner's 25th Selection of Solos For Banjo   MIDI Files Zipped

Turner's 60 Breakdowns, Jigs, and Hornpipes For Banjo   MIDI Files Zipped

Fred Van Eps Banjo Solos

A. J. Weidt Collection Of Songs

Weidt's Elementary Studies   MIDI Files Zipped

Winner's Eureka Method For The Banjo